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Chiropractic Massage Enhances Your Treatment

Chiropractic and massage therapy, used in combination, create a powerful healing approach that can address your pain on many levels. Massage helps muscles soften and lengthen, allowing adjusted joints to more easily realign to their natural, pain-free position. San Anselmo Chiropractic offers massage therapy to enhance and retain the effects of our chiropractic treatments, reduce pain and help speed your recovery from injury.

San Anselmo Chiropractic offers chiropractic massage therapy in our San Anselmo location only. We have some of the finest chiropractic massage therapists in the Marin County healing community. They have many years of bodywork experience and thousands of hours of academic and clinical knowledge. We offer evening and weekend appointments.

Please call us to set up an appointment at 415-456-3435.


Variety of modalities from relaxing, firm Swedish style to therapeutic deep tissue and fascial release.
This combined with passive stretching and traction informed from her practice as a yoga instructor.


Therapeutically trained in Swedish, deep tissue, polarity therapy, craniosacral, reflexology, acupressure, trigger point release, lymphatic and visceral massage.