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Healing Stories from Our Patients

Hear what our patients have to say about Doctor Neil Kraus and San Anselmo Chiropractic:

I have been a regular patient of Neil Kraus for many, many years. I started with a backache due to my spine being out of alignment and few visits later the pain was gone. I hurt my knee and Neil worked his magic and the knee was healed, I was told I may need surgery for the injury but not Neil! He is so patient and answers every question you may have on the technique used for different adjustments.
Now I go in regularly for a ‘tune-up’ and believe me our body needs it every few weeks.
I cannot say enough about Neil, the establishment, it is wonderful
Highly recommended, I live in East Bay but i go to San Anselmo though I am sure there are several chiropractors closer to home.

Mita R.
Alameda, CA

Dr. Kraus helped me many years ago with a shoulder, neck and lower back problem from carrying my infant daughter in her car seat. I was very uncomfortable. I was pain free with a few visits. He was wonderful! He explained what he’s was doing and had patience when you asked questions. He also gave me stretches to do to help build up my strength and stay flexible. I’ve been going regularly for “tune ups” ever since.

Laura L.
San Anselmo, CA

I was successfully treated by Dr. Neil Kraus several times for a developing condition (degenerative hip arthritis) that was exacerbated by a bad fall mid-way through my treatment. With gentle skill and finesse in using different modalities that were just right for me, Dr. Kraus significantly helped reduce the pain and physical restrictions that I was experiencing, and enabled me to regain considerable flexibility to the point that I am now able to move, exercise and dance regularly with much greater ease and comfort. I am back to a more vigorous daily exercise program with continued improvements in flexibility (without pain) thanks to Dr. Neil Kraus… and feel much better! I look forward to “tune-ups” as necessary with the hopes that through his excellent and effective treatment methods, I can keep the joy of movement going as long as possible without surgery.

Nancy B.

Dr. Kraus is absolutely a healer and miracle worker. Before I met Dr Kraus a few years ago, I suffered through 6 months of back pain from a work-related injury. Rest, pain medicine and physical therapy did nothing to heal my injury. I could not effectively perform my job as a nurse and even thought about changing jobs to accommodate my injury. But my coworker insisted that I should see Dr. Kraus and assured me that he could help and he would be gentle. So I met Dr. Kraus and not only is he extremely competent, but also a wonderful person. He really listened to me about my symptoms, he did a thorough exam of my spine and body alignment, and provided the most gentle but effective adjustment. The improvement was immediate and I instantly knew my back and body alignment were back to where it should be. With regular adjustments over the course of a few weeks, and doing the exercises and stretches he recommended, I was back to full work duty and totally pain-free. Whenever I got the occasional flare up, he would put my spine back into alignment and I could get back to my normal active job and life. Recently, I woke up with severe neck pain and spasms, unable to turn my neck at all, and had numbness and tingling down my arm. I went to the emergency room where their recommendation was to take time off work, rest, pain relievers, don’t drive if I can’t turn my head, and it “should” get better in a week or two. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to wait for things that “should” get better. Called Dr. Kraus, saw him the same day, and after his very gentle and effective adjustment, I left his office with full range of motion in my neck, no more numbness or tingling down the arm, and far less pain. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kraus for saving my back and neck. I honestly believe I could not continue to do bedside nursing if it weren’t for his amazing care.

Sara M.